Naturopathic Medicine in Tucson
Naturopathic Medicine in Tucson
Colibri Wellness Center

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If you would like an appointment, please follow these steps described below. *Please note spanish language services may be available if requested prior to the visit.

All patients and clients

To schedule any visit, select the link above to schedule a visit online or call us at:

Dr. Vose - 520-276-8315

New patients

To schedule a new visit online simply select the button above or call us to schedule over the phone at 520-276-8315.

When scheduling as a new patient, you will be required to fill out an online form, bring it with you to your visit, or arrive 15 minutes early (at least) to read and complete in the office.

Download the intake form (or complete online at time of scheduling) by clicking here.

To change your answers to the online forms at any time, open the email sent to you at time of scheduling and select

“Cancel/change appointment”

Then you will have the option to select “edit forms"

Alternatively, you may complete this scheduling request form below and we will call you to complete scheduling.

Phone number
Phone number
I authorize Colibri Wellness Center to communicate with me electronically at the email address or phone number indicated above (text message or voicemail) *